Q&A with our Tarot Card Reader

28 September 2022

I perform Sylvia Sceptre which is a Victorian character act. Sylvia was created out of an interest in Victorian Spiritualism, the craze that swept both America and Britain of communicating with the dead. Out of this interest in the spooky and bizarre grew Sylvia, an act that specialises in performing magic effects that are rooted in history and folklore, but using cutting edge modern methods.

What makes your act special/different from similar acts?

My doctoral research into the connection between Victorian Spiritualism, Witchcraft and performance magic ensures that there is great attention to detail and authenticity. My magical stories and performances always have their roots in folklore and ghost stories.

How did you get into the industry?

I auditioned for a role in a Christmas Grotto at Selfridges in London and the company gave me a box of tricks to play with which sparked a lifelong interest in magic.

How long have you been performing?

Ahem, thirty years now!

Where are you based?

In Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, I travel all over the world though!

What is the furthest you have traveled for a performance? 

I was flown out to the Maldives to perform over New Year 2020 which was amazing and my last exciting job before lockdown happened just a short while later.

An interesting fact about you:

I also create bespoke shows for venues that want to have their own spooky show!

What’s the coolest/best/most interesting event you’ve worked on?

I designed and produced a show for one of the most haunted hotels in Brittian, The Ettington Park Hotel. I loved it so much my husband and I later got married there!

Favourite venue you’ve worked at?

The Old Operating Theatre is one of my favourite spaces to perform in London.

What is your favourite part of performing?

Taking people on a theatrical journey and causing them to feel the spooky feels.

What changes or exciting plans are coming up in 2023 for you? 

I have a new show in progress as part of my doctoral research!

What is the most interesting reaction/best feedback you have had from your audience? 

Excitement catches through an audience. During a performance of my show ‘Phantasmagorical’ a section of the audience totally bought into the idea that there really was a spirit in the theatre with us. It ignited similar responses in the rest of the audience as fear and excitement are contagious. It was wild!

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