Q&A with our Pianist

22 November 2022

In a Q&A with our pianist he reveals how he is also a composer and founder of the London Orchestra. Having an amazing orchestra means he can offer a bigger and more impactful musical experience wherever possible as well as the many solo performances that he does.

What makes your act special/different from similar acts?

I always read the room in real time to provide the best music for that moment rather than just following a pre-determined setlist. Therefore, I can probably play over 200 songs by memory at this point so I just scroll through my mental repertoire and select what the event and the moment needs.

I also perform music that I have written (wherever appropriate) and unique piano versions of various popular songs that I’ve created, so guests always get something a little bit different.

How did you get into the industry?

Initially, I toured as a session keyboardist for many years for various artists including Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah, Boy George, Sergey Lazarev (Russia) and many others. I loved this and got so many fantastic experiences from this. I then took a bit of a career turn and pursued my dream of composing a classical piano album called ‘Xiro’. When the album went on to win awards, it really set me on a new path.

My piano style is very emotive and romantic which lends itself to the weddings industry and once I made myself available for that I started to get a lot of bookings. I then felt I could actually do more in this industry along with other events (private and corporate), and concerts, and was passionate about providing really great music and experiences. I now love performing solo but also with my orchestra, so it’s great to provide the live music to so many great events.

How long have you been performing?

I’ve been performing for 15 years from touring to recording to composing and all stops in between.

Where are you based?

Worldwide! I do make myself available for bookings worldwide but I live in the Midlands (UK) now.

What is the furthest you have traveled for a performance? 

From London to Australia.. for one show! BUT that show was opening for Prince so it was completely worth it. I’m happy to tell you that full story if you’d ever like to hear it 😊

An interesting fact about you:

I grew up wanting to be a professional basketball player but was secretly taking classical piano lessons for 12 years behind the scenes. I then landed a big music contract straight after graduating from University and my music career began and I never looked back.

What’s the coolest/best/most interesting event you’ve worked on?

Thankfully there are quite a few options here. A couple of honourable mentions go to performing in Buckingham Palace, up on an Austrian mountain, and my own concert with my orchestra at the stunning Union Chapel in London.

But if we’re going for the coolest, it was being asked to perform in Lenny Kravitz’s home for his daughter Zoe Kravitz’s wedding. It was all top secret to me until I actually arrived there and sat down at a crystal piano and saw Hollywood A-listers everywhere. All extremely beautiful and completely surreal!

Favourite venue you’ve worked at?

I performed in a Palace in Rome, Italy, called Palazzo Colonna. The amazing thing here was the Palace looks phenomenal on the images I’d found of it online, but when I saw it in person it was just spectacular. The pictures don’t do it justice. Best of all: the sound carried through the venue beautifully and it really did feel like a huge honour to perform there for what was a very prestigious event.

What is your favourite part of performing?

Creating the correct atmosphere and emotions for anyone in attendance. This might be in a highly emotional moment like a bride walking down the aisle at a wedding ceremony, or creating just the right mix of ambience and entertainment over a dinner. I also perform my own music and when that’s done in a concert style, even at an event, then it needs to be high impact and a big performance to capture and keep the rooms attention. So it’s the challenge of getting this right with every performance, that is my favourite thing about performing.

What changes or exciting plans are coming up in 2023 for you? 

The main change is I will be offering a concert-style performance for every event where it works naturally. I’ve started doing this with my orchestra and it’s usually 10 minutes of seriously high impact music. Giving this type of performance always makes it more memorable for the guests and provides something unique! The music I perform here is the music I’ve composed myself and is very cinematic and emotionally charged. I’ve recently done this at The Rosewood Hotel and then I got the opportunity to perform for a corporate event at The O2 Arena with the piano right in the middle of the arena; dream gig.

What is the most interesting reaction/best feedback you have had from your audience? 

The most interesting reaction is tears from men “who don’t normally cry”! That happens quite often and they usually tell me how they don’t cry, but thankfully the music and the moment moved them that much. That is always a huge compliment to me.

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