Q&A with our Team Building Hosts

22 July 2022

What makes your act special/different from similar agencies?

Our remote offering. We create global events that are affordable. Using our team of expert Remote Hosts we can deliver events 24/7. Our award-winning tech also sets us apart from the competition. We use our Mobile Adventures app to help facilitate exciting tasks and GPS challenges during our events.

How did you get into the industry?

It began by taking on the task of creating paper-based treasure hunts. This developed into our current global offering. While we still offer treasure hunts, we now have a significantly expanded range of team building activities.

How long have you been operating?

We’ve been offering engaging team-building solutions since 2004.

Where are you based and what is the furthest you have travelled for a performance?

We started in London. We now operate as a fully remote team with dedicated employees across the UK, Europe and the US. We actually don’t travel for our events! Our expert remote hosts connect with our clients through Zoom for global event delivery.

Interesting fact about you/tell us something we wouldn’t know

Our remote offering means we can bring teams together without the carbon footprint. We’ve even been able to bring together teams in multiple locations at once using our Multi-City option. For example, we were able to connect teams in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Madrid, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and Singapore all at once! 

Favourite venue you’ve worked at?

Our clients often pick their choice of location for us to remotely host their event. From Atlanta to Zurich, we’ve provided flexible events in world-class venues and locations.

What is your favourite part of running team building events?

How our events have adapted to a carbon neutral offering. using our remote delivery method has meant a significant reduction 

What changes or exciting plans are coming up in 2023?

Our team are working hard to expand our affordable range of games, we’re excited to see our global team building activities grow!