Q&A with our LED Violinist

8 August 2022

What makes your act special/different from similar acts?

I play on an electric violin by the renowned maker Bridge violins. My violin has lovely LEDs surrounding its body and I perform with backing tracks or alongside DJs. What makes my act different is the stunning mirrored costume. It is a one of a kind, bespoke piece created with hundreds of real mirror pieces. I perform on the ground but also in the air and the costume really comes to life when lit up at night.

How did you get into the industry?

I studied classical violin at music college and decided I wanted to become a performance artist using my passion for music and visual creative skills to make unique acts.

How long have you been performing?

20 years

Where are you based?


What is the furthest you have traveled for a performance? 

The Philippines

An interesting fact about you:

I am also a bubbleologist (I create soap bubbles)

What’s the coolest/best/most interesting event you’ve worked on?

I created and performed in a site specific performance to celebrate 100 years of the Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong. I brought together a team of 12 to produce a spectacle with specially created music, 6 aerialists, 2 mirror violinists and 2 aerial violinists.

Favourite venue you’ve worked at?

The O2 arena

What is your favourite part of performing?

Seeing peoples reactions to the performance.

What changes or exciting plans are coming up in 2023 for you? 

New costume/act creations including a firebird LED stilt act.

What is the most interesting reaction/best feedback you have had from your audience? 

“Hmmm? Just a flying violinist, playing her heart out, as the stars explode and a giant floating sun dial burns. NO BIG DEAL” Shambala festival comment on their closing ceremony show.