Q&A with our DJs Freight Train

31 October 2022

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We are FTN (Paul Leslie & Elliot Taylor): A DJ Duo from London!

What makes your act special/different from similar acts?

Paul: I think what makes us special is that we DJ together. We’re huge music fanatics, so DJing as a duo made sense!

Elliot: I definitely agree. We bounce of each other and both have a vast music knowledge so performing as a duo & mixing back to back was the right way to go! We also perform individually aswell.

How did you get into the industry?

Paul: So we got into the industry quite a few years ago now (2012 to be precise!) I was looking to make some extra money so put an ad in gumtree advertising DJ services. I told Elliot to do DJ with me and amazingly we managed to get a few bookings and the rest they say, is history!

Where are you based?

Elliot: We’re both London based but travel internationally. Wherever the gigs take us! The furthest we’ve travelled was India for a wedding, it was an incredible event!

An interesting fact about you:

Paul: Interesting fact about us? When we first met at University, we weren’t actually friends straight away! We were in the same Music Technology class and acted as in-adverted rivals as we both topped the class in various assignments! We became friends soon after this realisation tho 😂

What’s the coolest/best/most interesting event you’ve worked on?

Elliot: The coolest event we’ve done was the Olympics & Paralympics Homecoming celebration back in 2020. It was our first gig back after the pandemic, and being a part of honouring all the athletes that had competed at the games was very emotional.

Favourite venue you’ve worked at?

Paul: Favourite venue?! Thats a tough one! Some of our faves would be The Londoner Hotel, Tower Bridge, The Indigo o2 & The Natural History Museum!

What is your favourite part of performing?

Elliot: The favourite part of performing is watching people react to what we’re playing. Whether it’s a gentle foot tap, nod of appreciation or full-on hands in the air dancing, it really does make the job worthwhile when you see people reacting to the music you’re playing!

Paul: Agreed! I think the best reactions are when you have people coming up to you after the party thanking you for being a part of it, and you can see how happy they are and how much they’ve enjoyed themselves. After such a long time out where we weren’t able to enjoy ourselves, it really is even more special now!

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