Making an Impact with your Entertainment

13 February 2023

Our Entertainment Sales Manager Laura Goncalves has summed up her best advice for making an impact with your Entertainment at corporate events. The first thing to think about is what style of event you will be hosting for your guests.

Dinners & Awards

For gala dinners or awards evenings consider something with a high WOW factor element. An opening stage show is great for captivating the attention of your guests and setting a good tone for the rest of the evening. A personal favourite of mine is our LED Drummers. They perform a short, high impact show to music that will be sure to leave guests impressed! Alternatively, our Speed Painter can offer a (speedy!) on stage masterpiece creation.

The canvas he creates can be bespoke to your company such as your logo, office building, or even your office pet! You could even consider having a celebrity host to oversee the running order and be there to hand the awards out for an extra special touch!

Networking Events

If it’s more of a networking event for clients or a standing drinks reception, then an entertainer such as a roaming magician is ideal for this. A magician will roam your venue performing to small groups at once. This is a really good opportunity to get your guests talking amongst themselves, as well as acting as the perfect ice breaker! Once the magician has finished his impressive, mind-blowing tricks; your guests will be left in awe of just how they did it!

Get in touch with your event brief and we would be happy to help select the best entertainment option to make your event a success!