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Taco Truck is a mobile kitchen, creating authentic Mexican street food on location.

Our specially chosen taco recipes have been sourced and inspired directly from local markets in central and southern Mexico. All our recipes are a labour of love, born out of a lifelong passion for culinary pleasure. One good example of this is our home roasted and freshly ground spices used in the re-fried black beans recipe.

Taco Fillings

  • Chilli Colorado Con Carne: the original Mexican chili recipe with diced topside beef and pinto beans. It’s not too hot, just bags of flavour.
  • Yucatan fish fillets: tender white fillets marinated in an array of freshly roasted and ground spices. Delicate and delicious!
  • Free range chicken breast: marinated in lime juice, lime zest, cinnamon and Mexican oregano.
  • Mexican pork chorizo: flavoured with a stunning array of herbs and spices including fresh thyme, Mexican oregano and cinnamon, cloves, roasted cumin and mild Ancho chilies
  • “Adobo” finely diced and marinated topside beef: a classic Northern Mexican recipe. The beef is marinated for 1 day in a special homemade Mexican marinade.

Veggie/Vegan options

  • “Frijoles Refritos” - refried pinto beans: these are great for vegetarians. Cooked with roasted garlic, coriander and caramelised onion.
  • “Frijoles Refritos negro” - refried black beans cooked for 4 hours making them creamy, made with roasted garlic, cumin and Mexican oregano
  • “Adobo” roasted chestnut mushrooms: a classic Northern Mexican recipe made with an array of herbs and spices
  • Roasted baby carrots: honey glazed with roasted cumin and roasted garlic

Winter parties

In winter they offer a home made Mexican hot chocolate infused with vanilla pods and a dash of orange zest.

Summer parties

“Paletas” Mexican ice lollies. Home-made 100% fruit ice lollies that go down well at summer events.

The Taco Truck itself has heaps of character.

It is a beautiful old Citroën H fire engine. You may have seen one in a 1960’s french movie.

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