Scott Mills at the Specsavers Annual Seminar Party

The Brief

For their annual seminar party in 2022, Specsavers were looking to create an unforgettable evening with entertainment fitting their ‘future of the world’ theme. We worked with them to book roaming acts, led drummers and Scott Mills as a celebrity DJ and to host the event.

What we did

  • Booked roaming acts including two LED wing ballerinas, two Mirror men and two Mirror ball heads
  • Booked LED drummers who performed at daytime conference and as a stage show in the evening
  • Booked Scott Mills as host and DJ to perform a 90 minute DJ set and to host karaoke competition
  • Organised karaoke competition involving team members representing each region in the UK: England, Wales, Scotland and Channel Islands
  • 5 singers performed to the 2000 guests judged by Dame Mary Perkins, the owner of Specsavers and Scott Mills
  • Booked London DJ to play set until close of night
  • Booked the vintage photo booth with gold shimmer backdrop
  • On-site entertainment management

The Entertainment

Scott Mills

Scott hosted the karaoke competition and played a 90 minute DJ set.

LED Drummers

The LED drummers adapted their show for the day time conference and night time party.

LED Wing Ballerinas

The ballerinas roamed the crowded with their illuminated wings.

London DJ

Our London based DJ closed the evening with the final DJ set.


Mirror Ball Heads

The Mirror Ball heads fit perfectly in the LED futuristic party theme.

The Results

Specsavers were very happy with the entertainment programme and said it was the best annual seminar party they had had in a long time. Scott Mills fit their brief perfectly and built a good connection with Dame Mary on stage and with all guests.

In addition the LED drummers went down a hit both in the lowkey daytime and upbeat night time settings with the roaming acts setting the futuristic event theme.