Festive EMEA In-office Activations For TikTok

The Brief

TikTok were looking to organise a series of in-office activations across their EMEA offices to recognise the hard work the ByteDance teams put in to make 2023 a successful year. They wanted to create a memorable gift giving moment as part of their end of year celebrations with the theme being ‘Together we create Rhythm’.

We proposed a festive disco theme and executed it with branded installationsentertainment and workshops across 10 of TikTok’s EMEA offices with two larger events in London and Dublin.

Entertainment We Booked

  • Waffle & Hot Chocolate Tricycles
  • Card making & Ceramic Tree Decoration Workshops
  • Photographer & Props
  • Roaming Disco Ball Heads
  • Branded Dance Machines & Retro Arcade
  • 3D Portrait Chocolate Machines printing guests faces

The Entertainment

Waffle & Hot Chocolate Tricycles

To bring the festive spirit, we booked waffle and hot chocolate tricycles, which were very popular with the guests.

Card making & Ceramic Tree Decoration Workshops

Workshops always bring the team together. The card-making and ceramic tree decoration activities provided a great way for the team to socialise and learn new skills.

Roaming Disco Ball Heads

Experts in delivering fun, interactive live entertainers. Our Disco Ball Heads were perfect for this event!

3D Portrait Chocolate Machines

To bring something different to the event we provided a 3D Portrait Chocolate Machines which printed guests’ faces!



The Results

We successfully executed a consistent brand identity across all 10 events and locations and TikTok were pleased with the attendance of their teams.

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