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Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker is an adventurer, writer and motivational speaker. His many daring journeys have provided him with countless experiences with which to communicate his key themes of ambition, perseverance and positivity.

Charlie’s longest expedition was a 4-year bicycle journey reaching the furthest cape in each of Europe, Asia and Africa. On this journey he traversed 60 countries, confronting extremes of weather, remoteness and physical exhaustion.

Give your event a voice

Skilful storytellers, a host sets the tone for your corporate event and engages your guests while making them feel welcome. Depending on the theme of your corporate event we can work to find you the perfect host from sporting legends to comedians and well known TV presenters.

Sharing knowledge and inspiring an audience is what our speakers are most passionate about. Want to raise awareness around a topic dear to you or inspire your guests to become better versions of themselves? We help you find the right speaker for your corporate event from TV personalities to motivational speakers and TED talk veterans.

Motivational & Inspirational Speakers

These speakers will deliver speeches with the intention of inspiring and motivating your audience. No matter the topic, they encourage people to take positive action in their lives, and can often make a challenging task simpler just by offering up a different perspective.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Speakers

Mental health experts are leading the battle against stress in the workplace. We work with specialists who frequently use psychology, fitness and lifestyle changes to transform a workforce from stressed to rational and can help decrease conflict by creating a network of mental health support.

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I speakers can enlighten your audience on the correct terms to use, the labels not to use and the power of diversity and including everyone.

Sports Speakers

Sports stars are a brilliant source of inspiration, conquering the world by exceeding expectations in their athletic abilities. We work with major sporting icons, top athletes and Olympic gold medalists, and can offer an incredible selection of sports personalities who are delighted to tell their remarkable story and inspire your audience.

Adventure Speakers

Adventurers offer more than thrilling anecdotes, their stories of extreme conditions and life-threatening situations are infused with techniques for personal development. If your workplace is lacking inspiration, our speakers can send a clear message – the journey to achieving your goals starts with the first step.


Known for their skilful storytelling, hosts set the tone for your corporate event and engage your guests while making them feel welcome.

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