AOK Events launches AOK Entertains

21 June 2022

AOK Events launches new, all singing and all dancing division, AOK Entertains, headed up by Laura Goncalves

AOK Events has launched a new division, to provide world-class talent and performance acts, under the stewardship of entertainment industry specialist Laura Goncalves.

The new division, AOK Entertains, compliments AOK Events’ other event brands, which have been delivering standout events for nearly 22 years. Over the next few months AOK Entertains will be launched to existing corporate clients and agency relationships, as well as targeting London’s hottest and most coveted venues. 

The company launched the department in response to customer demand for creating deeper brand  experiences that are now lived out both online and offline. The use of entertainment has an incremental impact on delegates’ engagement, by creating deeper brand connections and reinforcing the organisation’s image and message, thereby helping with greater brand and message retention.

AOK Entertains’ roster of talent and notable artists have been categorised between performance-based acts, which are known to invigorate and enthuse, as well as workshops focussed on promoting mindfulness and mental health in the workplace.

Laura Goncalves comments “This is a terrific addition to AOK Events’ business and cements its reputation as a full-service events agency. Events are back, but the way they are executed has moved on: corporates understand the value of online and more so recognise the value of face to face. They are investing more in events to create an experience that engages delegates, whether they are attending physically or digitally. We can’t wait to help clients deepen their employee and brand engagement strategies with the right entertainment.”

Check it out for yourself!